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 This book will chill you to the bone!!, May 4, 2014
This review is from: Extended Forecast: Global Chaos: Book Two of The Rain Men Series and Sequel to Operation Seeding (Kindle Edition)
According to the front cover of the book this is the second in the Rain Men Series and Sequel to Operation Seeding. This is one of the conspiracy/thriller type novels that will chill you to the bone. All of us in the NY and NJ area remember the Perfect Storm which clobbered our area and spread devastation. It is still being dealt with by many, many people! Well what if a "company" had figured out a way to control the weather, rain and storms etc? And what if the governments of countries used this technology to their own advantage?

This book can stand on it's own without having read the first in the series, although I think I might want to read it as well as the third. I am sitting here praying that this type of technology NEVER is created or at least used as depicted in this novel--Nature does a good enough job thank you very much!

By My Book Addiction and More "MyBookAddictionAndMore"
This review is from: Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan (Paperback)
an interesting Juvenile Fiction/Action & Adventure. Young Harold hates puzzles. But in order to save his Dad,he must solve a riddle. Which takes him on a quest to Ireland,the world of Fairies,and a magical adventure. Young readers,and old will not want to miss this magical adventure. Filled with Leprechauns,fairies,gnomes,hope,danger,and a Queen. Faced paced and action filled from beginning to end. Explore the Realm of Enchantment, on a magical adventure across the ocean to the Emerald Isle of Ireland with Harold and Princess Megan. A must read for young and old readers alike. If you enjoy magical adventures,Ireland,legends,magic,and the power of love you will want to pick up a copy of "HAROLD THE HIGH KNIGHT AND PRINCESS MEGAN". A keeper and sure to be a treasure for young readers and old. I would highly recommend this title. I hope to see more on this adventure. Received for an honest review from the author.
REVIEWED BY: AprilR, My Book Addiction and More/My Book Addiction Reviews

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Operation Seeding" turns a very controversial subject of weather control into a very connected story. I loved the book and its characters. The author wasted no time in allowing the reader to start deep thinking as to how much control do scientists actually have over our weather here on earth and how much do we want them to have? From droughts to floods to way over average snow and rain and what it does or could cause on earth to all of the humans that live here. So many depending on crops grown, picked, and harvested and so many of those crops that could be ruined by weather extremes. Who would cause such terrible man-made horrific events to threaten our food supply and everything connected with it? Could it be individual farmers, scientists, or governments attempting to control God's weather domain? Starting in 1953 during the Korean War the rain and floods more or less controlled the movement or stoppage of military actions when torrential rains stopped movement of troops and buried many in mud and snow. All of this caused by the finding of chemical formulas to drop into clouds and cause terrible weather in one area and good weather in another nearby.

In years to come, the various controlling governments of the world had scientists working on ways to control the weather to benefit their nation for various reasons, be it war, sports, Olympics, droughts, hail, or any other cause as time went on. At first it was American top generals and officials that thought they had weather controlled but as time went on other nations military and governments "encouraged" their scientists to come up with weather control. 
5.0 out of 5 star Excellent book 
This book was action packed and kept me on the edge all of the way through. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good story and detailed account of individuals in a town faced with devastation deal with the tragedy and the internal struggles they face when in the face of adversity 
4.0 out of 5 stars Operation Seeding
I Just finished this book. It is not the type book I usualy read. I will say it took me a few pages to get into it, but once I did, I was very pleased. I got quite caught up in the characters and very much look forward to reading more about any or all of them in future books. I have to say I enjoyed "Operation Seeding".

A Novel that Plays with Life

Micheal Andrisano continues where others put down their pens. Cool and relentless, he dissects modern life, weighs its components, and then puts them back together to a fascinating literary organism. A soulful piece of writing, presented quite unsentimentally.

Madeleine Portner, New York Times, about An Argument for a Cure

The Demolition Worker of the Literary Scene

Just go to a book store and walk to the shelves. Try to find Micheal Andrisano at its right location. Not a chance.
Robert Newham, Chicago Tribune, about An Argument for a Cure

Would We Have Laughed?

For a long time, American literature believed that morality did not have a place in literature. And it is true: Moral questions used to bore us endlessly, until  now. ya have to read;  by Micheal Andrisano. With An Argument for a Cure  
Gloria Hunter, Boston Globe, about An Argument for a Cure


There is just one reason | Reader's Choice

RD: But didn't you say you needed a reason to write?
 MJA That is true, but you should be careful to talk about it. It wouldn't even be possible to define it. (Laughs.) I hope I am never able to do that, because if I didn't know from the start exactly what my motivation is, I could just stop right there and then, go work in my yard, and be happy.

The Small Town Agony | New York Times

NYT: Micheal Andrisano, is seems no matter what you try your hand at is a success. We in New York read your books, shake our head, and would rather return back to our parties, but there is this small part in us that continues to bother us in a wonderful way, just like an olive that has fallen into a cocktail it does not belong in. We are upset all night long. And so finally we start reflecting. This basically describes the Andrisano effect...
 MJA Thanks. 

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