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“This may not be reproduced, used in any format, and or republished and or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.”


**This is an excerpt from Karma & Reincarnation book two of Christianity Karma & Reincarnation, and it will be found in the chapter entitled,

“The Meaning of the Message.”

The entire work slated to be released in June of 2015. Right now, Christianity Karma and Reincarnation has won several First Place Book Awards and is fast becoming a meaningful guide in many of my reader’s lives. 

Often used as a simple healing workbook if you will, that gives the reader insight to face many of today’s problems and challenges, ones that we all face.



Even this author can become complacent after awhile, while writing on several books, or reading works from my favorite authors, or just doing research which all writers must do.  Besides these written messages for God, I like to write reality - fiction, or children’s books, this work brings me peace and harmony, inside my mind.


So I am here sitting at my desk thinking about my own personal thoughts concerning my, “inward being,” - my self-consciousness if you will, and what inspires me about the consequences of actions or inactions taken on my own behalf to move forward, towards fulfilling my own personal goals.  Of course, my knowing why God has returned me here to His Garden, and what is expected of me as I do His work, helps. Yet sometimes I get lost in my own endeavors as most of us do. And why not, as life - friends and family pull each of us in so many different directions; we hardly ever take the time to investigate exactly why we are here. Then one must take into account dealings with family, friends and other outside influences that may make your looking into, “who you are,” spiritually, of having no value to you. Or you go to your place of worship once a week, or maybe not at all. Or you may be, in fact, a doubter of all religion, and for someone to mention reincarnation, or karma to you, well you may automatically think of the annoying cat living across the street and shake your head and smiling you say hell no. I’m not coming back as an animal; see that’s what most people think reincarnation is about? Returning as an animal of some sort? So you move on and toss aside any “other” definition of reincarnation and karma. Never knowing what you have missed.


Well, this message is not about what has already been written on either subject. This writing and work are about an entirely different understanding concerning those two subjects, and it is not a message that is focusing on “taking you away from your religion.” Not at all, but it is asking you to embrace your religion, even more.

It is about your coming to a new understanding that there is a reason behind everything. A new reasoning, which is strong and none manipulative, leading you to embrace this message so that you can become who you are meant to become. Making you capable of accomplishing everything that you were sent back to accomplish, even if it is to do nothing, accomplishing nothing in this life. Understand this though - that God has a purpose and it feeds into everyone’s life!

Think on this as well, “that one may not see the ripple in a wake left behind by contact, or from a smile, frown, or by any other type of interaction with another human - but it exists.” And that interaction as small as it may be, or as harmless as it was intended, can lead to your empowering yourself or someone else to become and accomplish what they were meant to do. It is not because you cannot see your results that no result is happening, this is not the argument of a tree falling in the woods, making no sound, if no one is around who can hear it. This is reaching out to those whom you know and may not know and being a fellow human being and accepting everyone for who they are. “For there, but for the grace of God, do I walk.”


See we all affect one another in so many wonderful and glorious ways - ways in which we know about or may never know about. Man has the ability to speak, to understand, to formulate ideas into reality, and in this lays the difference between animals and us. We have never evolved from neither animal nor fish. We are all children of God. Directly originating from Angels, why it is called the Garden of God, this place that we call Earth. 

Wow, that statement sounds stupid and unbelievable doesn’t it. How can we believe in that statement and go on reading this crap, is that what you’re thinking about now? Don’t blame you. Actually I thought the same thing. Just one of many reasons why it took so long to write this message, can’t blame me right. But guess what, you and I are both wrong.

And even if you have no belief in God – in any God, and you’re now really skeptical or confused, maybe even angry, or hell by now laughing, but sorry read on and learn some interesting facts, like it or not.

As I said in Christianity Karma & Reincarnation, I was told to write a message, not author it, nor to change it, but to deliver it, so I am, and I personally could care less if you finish it or not. Heh God knows that you’re reading it this far and He will know if you stop and it’s not my job to police you, that’s above my pay grade as they say.

Here however is where I will try to make it so you can understand it, as I had to focus really hard on this concept as well, but I came to believe in it. As there are so many reasons to. And besides having died twice and coming back to life and knowing where I was after death and why I was coming back, “to give this message,” this just could not be done if I didn’t believe in it, or what had happened to me. So I say please try to focus and understand this.         

Understand that God made this Garden – Earth as we call it - so that His Angles could come and spend time in this glorious place. Now I know about volcanoes and all the other changes that science has proven to exist in this Gardens past. Same changes taking place throughout the Universe, but this is what happens when something as this is made. We like to think that God waves His hands and say’s, “Be” and it is. But get away from the theological theories for a second and its depiction of written word and descriptions. God is not an idiot. He understands the science a heck of a lot better than anyone. He knows about making something that will last for millenniums and the harshness of the Universe as He created it.

Remember the existence of two giant swaths of radiation; we know as the Van Allen Belts, surround Earth. Not to keep us in, nor does its radiation harm us, it is but one of the many forms or reasons why we as humans survive here on this particular planet.  

Otherwise exactly why is it that planet’s, especially those that possibly could harbor life are so far apart from each other, light years apart? Why are we not living as in some comics depicting a Universe filled with life, both good and bad? Why hasn’t any animal on earth evolved by now to talk and reason, along with man, did they not continue to evolve, over the millenniums?  Seems like a very long time to me to have by now figured that out. The variables are too many to set aside and explain away, oh there are theories and plenty of them to go around of course, but they all are only theory. There is no missing link.

When God wants man to interact with another species, He will make it happen. But in our redundant way of growing into horrible warring humans, destroying ourselves, and this planet because we do not accept reincarnation and karma as the law of the Universe and of God. We continue to be stagnant and we start the process of mankind and its development all over again, from dark hidden caves to villages, to cities only to destroy it all once again. Destroying our societies throughout the millenniums -just to start over again, and again. This has to stop and it has to stop now!


“This is why you, mankind, are once again getting this message. Before you destroy yourselves yet again! Do not take this message as before and create a religion, a concept, which is totally lacking in truth, created as a dichotomy of fact!”


If you have read “Christianity Karma & Reincarnation,“ then you do know who is speaking in the above sentence.

Now the why of it, simple really, this Universe is there to give man a reason to reach out, to dream and to seek all evidence of truth. It makes us become none stagnant as we reach for the unobtainable, to dream of reasons as we speak of potential as we grow from our desires to obtain.

We, His Angles have committed a great sin against God. For it was man who created mankind, for we sought out the same ability as to what God possessed. We created - here in His Garden. We had a need to influence our surroundings and beauty. As well as we created beasts, we then made a way to copulate and grow and we found greed and anger, and we betrayed our God. Yet God is not so blind and it was He in His kindness that gave us these simple tasks to complete before we can be united once again with Him forever.

The first one was we became mankind. Separate from the Angles that existed and retained their need to not come here and to remain in love with God.  So we must grow spiritually to once again become that who we are, first.

The second one was that we had to destroy those abominations we created in fornicating with the animals we as Angles had created as we played at being a God.

The third was that we now procreate to serve God. Angles did not and do not, and cannot procreate so it is in this new form now known as mankind that must.

** (Our understanding of Adam and Eve, the first creation of mankind, once from “Dust”, and in their “inability,” to remain one with God. We are shown that the “apple” and the Snake, or the devil and a need for knowledge were the causes behind our new identity as mankind - as it were written by man. But the truth lay aside, until now. There was no sacred fruit, or snake, or Garden of Eden, for this, earth, as a Whole is Gods Garden. It was made by God for His Angles, to enjoy, but because some of His Angles needed to foul such a gift, then God in His wisdom and love for His Angles created way’s back to Him.”)

            So God had said procreate and bring forth mankind and to deliver to God souls that could expand and develop through time into what He could test before He accepted those Angle’s back into His domain.

**(This is why abortion is so bad, because those aborted are we – we are God’s Angles – our souls -returning back earth to work on our karmic debt for our return back to God. To earn that one moment in our own reincarnation of not having any need of a human form. So the cycle of reincarnation is broken.

As we learn that to believe in and accept reincarnation is to strive in this definition, to live, as would Angles, so we do not have to return. It is in this truth that you now understand reincarnation, “to live our lives here in this garden too, never return, never to be reincarnated again.”

(So they who await human form will stay in wait in Purgatory for the chance to return, to fulfill their karmic debt. As we continue to destroy the living as it is given birth by God, when we enter the womb.)

** The following text is taken from my work entitled, “Christianity Karma & Reincarnation.”

Quote:  “It is in this place called Purgatory that we resolve and come to understand those sins we committed in this life past, and where we grow in awareness of our obligation to seek a higher Path to the Whole when we leave Purgatory to once again walk in the Garden of God; we go with the Grace of God for God told the Prophet Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”

So, one is forced to ask why Jeremiah did not know God. Because we on our return forget our obligations to God and ourselves, obligations that were not made by the embryo in Heaven, but one who could understand and interpret a need to return to work at the hands of God.

“In this lack of faith in reincarnation, man cannot fathom that he is “born again” in the righteousness of the Lord not “born again” in the strength of faith in a community that worships the Lord. God selects certain men and women who, in the face of torment and ridicule, will stand up and still loudly proclaim a faith in Him and in His message. They will seek no aid and comfort from ridicule; yet find solace in the fact that they have achieved something that no man can disavow as not being the truth. When the argument is made by others to only enhance one’s own position of authority; (was not Joan of Arc burned as a heretic?).”  end of the quotation.

The fourth reason is that God in His desire to see us become who we should be and in understanding the frailty of the human spirit and mind allows us the freedom of making decisions, our own choices that affect our own growth as humans- and mankind as a whole.

The fifth reason is just as simple really, He has created the Universe to help us grow, this gives us purpose, the Universe gives us a need, a desire to reach out and in reaching out this is what gives us true growth of mind and body. It develops ideas and desires; it maintains the development of sanctity. For if we as mankind can work together in one purpose for one goal we become a part of the Whole, part of becoming human in the sense that we share and we rejoice in the development of our minds and spirit and bodies as we seek to find the answers to fulfilling our desire to return home. Not to some “other” planet, but to God! This is why mankind since its inception has looked towards the heavens and all have identified some part of the reasoning or a need as to why we have this urge to believe that we are more than mortal beings trapped here on this one planet.

** Note that as we have become more intellectual more astute in developing and creating ways to destroy each other, while pretending sympathy for someone else, for some other purpose other than what is right and would bring us closer to God, we do the work of the other, who would see us trapped here as Gods Angles forever, for it was us mankind who created the Devil, not God. So there will always exist this “other identities” as long as mankind remains here. Because we need this “other," it fills in our thinking concerning a need for duality. In our need to explain Angels and mankind, this duality, because we cannot accept this duality, so we create duality such as - Ying and Yang – good and bad – white and black, and all of the other reasons that hold us back. Hold us back from leaving here and remaining in heaven, our rightful birthplace and with God. You need to break this hold on your spirit, your soul, and come to accept this message as a reason why you need to endure and believe and to stop all of the destruction concerning mankind – angles and this sin of sins abortion.

So once again I ponder the meaning of why me, as well as what is next? As I sit at the computer and see where my fingers take me this day.

Not that I am talking to myself, I am simply sitting quietly exploring what is the message I have been given. Not being able to recite each and everyone verbatim, I, therefore, need to ask for some degree of help in remembering them. Once given, I then seek an answer to how I am to present this to the reader. Often the message may make no sense to me, however after some research and deeper thinking it makes perfect sense. Not that I am questioning God’s message, I am not worthy of that, nor am I smart enough or dumb enough to think I am capable of that. What I am implying is that if I can’t understand it, the message, how many others will find fault with the writing and or the message in itself?

 So what do I do- and exactly how do I accomplish what needs to be done? First I find a comfortable place where I will not be disturbed, sometimes even an empty bathtub will do, and it is anywhere I can let go of my body and brain. I need to be totally relaxed; void of all worldly cares - of the body, or me.

My method if you care to call it that is to relax my body first. I think in terms of not feeling any limb’s, concentrating first on my feet to end finally at my head. No pressure points can be felt along my body. I continue to keep my eyes closed and quiet my breathing by counting inhales and exhales in units of a four count. Sort of likening it to maybe being in a trance - but not that drastic – as for what I think of being in a trance would be like. Maybe call it meditation, as even Jesus meditated.

Then what I reflect on is my time spent in Heaven, and what it was like and what I was told. Sometimes I must admit I also fall asleep, the position is so comforting. As well as dealing with thoughts that come into my head ones I have possibly placed there, so I rebuke them, and as I go deeper into my thought process, I see a face appear and I hear a voice telling me what I need to know. Same face - the same voice, every time.

I always see Jesus, and I hear Him speaking as He is standing on the side of the path, where a small hill begins to rise behind Him set off to His right, as a small stream is flowing by just in front of where He is standing. Sometimes the small stream is wide- as I have not done what is expected of me – I suspect. I may not have been such a great person to be around in-between these meetings. This will make the stream flowing between us wider. But for most of the time it isn’t that wide. My patron Saint, the Holy Mother is always sitting on my right, and she is across the stream as well. While she is resting on a rock, she is often telling me by her facial expressions what she is feeling about me. And I want nothing in this world as much as my making her happy, this has always appealed to my senses. So I listen and I remain transfixed on what is being said to me. And as this message is spoken, I remain humble and pray that I remember all of it. Often I am told something several times to ensure that I get it straight. More often then not at the end of our time together I have a habit of saying to them both, besides a thank you, I say God Bless You, to both of them, then think about whom I am saying that too and smile. If all is all right I get smiles returned as they walk away - walking up that path leading up the hillside, if no smiles are forthcoming then they stay there and somehow I find myself waking up.


So how often do I manage to do this? As often as it takes to make sure that I am on the right path, going in the right direction for me. Or I get lost in so many earthly things that I forget what I need to do and revisit it all over again to get direction. No one human is infallible, we all fail to accomplish our Karmic goals, and we all fail to live up to what we are here for. For we all think and reflect upon what we desire, and have gained, letting go of what we have a need to accomplish here for our souls to be cleansed. So we “DON’T HAVE TO COME BACK,” back here in Gods Garden to work on our Karmic Debt.


This is why I write this message because I am supposed to and why you the reader need to read it. No, its not a must read, but it certainly is one that will do you no harm, and it will not change your ideals or your faith, it will only serve to strengthen them if you are already on a Path back to God. For those of you who have lost your way, read on and think again about what you need to accomplish within yourself to get back on a Path back to God. Because like it or not, He exists.


Now I have had conversations with those in our society who are anti-religious. They believe religion is the root of all that is evil in mankind’s history. As history shows us so many reasons why religion is the root of the cause of so many wars and problems. But is it “religion,” or is it what it has been a true misinterpretation of religion, mankind’s inability to truly understand the implications of his made religion. In its real message and meaning to those who simply would follow the Paths chosen and adhere to its message and meaning in one’s life. See we identify it to mean something different to each of us, the teachings, the message’s, and the why of it. Mankind has produced the entire sub-divisional religions as offshoots to the one main religion so much so that God sent His only Son to repeal these differences but once again mankind within the span of Jesus’s birth and death did not adhere to this reality. And as man crept along he once again decided to “change” and redirect religion to remake it in his own misguided secular purpose. To fill his own need to distort and not comprehend what was the real truth, because he always has that need to build something to fit his needs. Not the needs of the masses that have received guidance and love so great as to what Jesus left us with.  


Why I have even had conversations with our scientific minded misguided people, claiming that we are the product of alien beings that landed here ions ago from Mars or some other planet out there in our vast Universe. How else do you explain the many large dwellings and so many other things that make no sense other than attaching it all to extraterrestrials?  It sells books and it creates movies and television shows. But none of that is the truth. What is the truth is that mankind has grown and developed into highly educated and civilized people, until we let our misguidance concerning the welfare of our real needs become overshadowed by our desire to conquer.  For so many reasons that become lost in the years of perpetual stupidity and our growing backwards to survive, and then we once again seek a God to find ourselves along the same path that sends us backwards once again.

How many times must God await the true dawning of man to recognize that our Pathway back to Him is filled with fraught and stupidity and desires we have no need for, before He extinguishes mankind as a whole?  When do we learn? How many cycles of birth and rebirth will it take to start believing in what is right in front of our eyes? That there is a God, and He has been waiting for millennium’s for our return to Him.


I have also asked them some questions regarding this planet as seen from outer space as we are miniscule in size compared to our surroundings. We are like a grain of sand in size lying in a field of boulders. And we represent nothing except failure; no one in the “Universal Community,” if one was to exist would want anything to do with a warring people. Why would they? If we are an experiment of some super race, why have they not checked up on us? If we are visited by so many of these aliens’ races why haven’t they guided us along the right paths? Or is it because in Star Trek they are told not to interfere in any planets growth. Humans have a tendency to exaggerate the reality of any situation to fit and benefit their own desires and needs to create the realism of their own imaginations.

Which is good when we fit this thinking into our Karma and purpose for being here. As in creating and giving something to mankind like open-heart surgery, blood transfusions, cars, planes, and so many other things that take us to new heights. Our imaginations are what stems from our time away from this Garden in heaven. It is out purpose for coming back here to create and to give back to humanity that which makes it grow stronger, and closer to God. We as humans need to seek more of what is inside of our imaginations than to dislocate our true meaning for seeking out our individual purposes in life.

It does no one any good to follow anyone who claims they need to be followed in folly, or in struggles in nations prone to fail because they do not adhere to peace and freedoms, man must abolish his foolhardiness, or soon be lost for good.


To Those Who Tarry:

These words are for you as I have gone through this and felt as you do once upon a time, where now I can only rejoice in the gifts that God has bestowed upon my soul.

The year is 2005 when this was written.

“So that I may write something that will reflect my mood of today this somber, heart broken, and sort of melancholy feeling inside of me...As I now begin to wonder why.

            When I arose I felt as if my world was alive and vibrant - then it changed, drastically. Suddenly I felt blasé...and I have no clue as to the why of it...lately I have felt in all honesty that my life would be soon coming to its end...that I can almost hear my name being called...yet then I know that it is all in my head. For my soul speaks not in the same way.

That I have years ahead of me yet and what I am feeling may not be a call but a normal feeling of vulnerability. A feeling when one's own body deteriorates, breaking down ever so slowly...its existence running forward towards its cliff.


I spoke yesterday to someone about the potential of belief - and what it can do for you and for your soul, your very existence. And I have found that to be so fascinating to me.

That I can so relate to this, emotionally and physically knowing that faith, love, humanity and understanding can replace anger and fear.

Yet both anger and fear is needed as a motivator in so many one's lifetime, for without it we grow no longer, for we all reach a plateau that snares our very living –stymieing our consciousness- and it will not allow us any further inclinations in becoming who we are meant to be.

To not give us what we so desire...we as to not fail, we need to forego comfort and we need to scream for more and seek what we want! Leaving that comfort and stability behind, while grasping at what we know is in front of us...hoping that the golden ring is still available to us at any age.


So I want to go forward today, not to slay dragons, but too harness power - power of the mind and to seek a resolution to my soul that says I am with you all the way.

              I promise to gather my wits and to find the path once on, but then lost. I shall once again challenge myself to become that man in my dreams when dreams were what I preyed upon to give me strength and the courage to move forward on my own.    

            Knowing that there was a golden ring left to me to find, by the God of my soul. Before I rest for eternity, lying there screaming why didn't I try harder!

To my soul - you must see the madness that you bring out of me, it is like a wave that pours over my existence, extracting from me all that has held me back from living on that mystical plateau in comfort and in undeniable comfort to no longer seek what lay ahead....


            Or have my dreams failed me in relying on you so much, oh comfort, please no longer must you keep me in chains. For I must go to seek that which has been given to me by God, a message that say’s to my fellow man to give away that what holds you back, to proceed not cautiously but to run without shame run ahead to embrace that which God has bestowed upon us all, His Love, a love for us all.

Property of: Micheal J Andrisano Sr.

Written by:  Micheal Andrisano Sr.


Harold and Megan's Riddle

Gagle the Great

Known as the mad gnome of Germania, exiled to the Land of Ire while there he stole a magical wooden box, “The Box that is not a Box” belonging to the Masters of Fairy, the Land of Ire’s Leprechauns. And thus the story of Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan began. A many hundred’s of years ago.
 Gagle the Great has been fleeing the Germania Gnome Queens men for twenty days now and still he had no idea as to why some of the spells he had been casting to hide himself were not working. 
When once again Gagle the Great cautiously looked around outside of his hiding place, now located inside the bole of a massive downed oak. Then upon not seeing anyone, he leapt into the air, and with a loud bang left ringing in the air, he disappeared. Flying now unseen towards his goal, where he would seek revenge for what had been done to him.
 It was to the Land of Ire that he now flew, to find the Leprechauns who had done this to him. And it would be to them and to their human friends who would feel the wrath of his might! 
Gagle was committed to vengeance, that now burned deeply inside of him, for the Leprechauns of Ire would pay a heavy price for his incarceration, brought upon him by his Queen. 
No one of any lesser magic could keep him contained! To be locked away and to be forgotten, never! They thought to hold him in that prison cell to rot throughout the ages until he cried and begged for their forgiveness. Never!  
When all was done, he would happily turn his revenge back to Germania and the Queen.
 A Queen who will be no more!

Gagle the Great looked to his left, when seeing what he had sought out he turned ever so slightly, and upon landing he immediately began to run. Running to get behind an outcropping of boulders just on his right. Gagle now kneeling down behind them began making a spell, as he readied himself for yet another fight with the Queens men. 
When more than enough time had passed and there were none of the Queens men appearing behind him, to try to capture him Gagle released his spell into nothingness, as he arose from his hiding place. Looking to his right and spying the entrance to what he sought Gagle entered into the gloom. 
The smell of a damp musk and the remains of dead rats quickly filled his nose, as centipede’s, spiders and even the worms scurried away to hide. For they knew now that one who is very dangerous had entered into their domain. 
Gagle smiled as he had found his refuge, and safety. This time he would protect it from all prying eyes. From here, he would come and go and none of magic would know from whence he came or returned to.  Surely they would look for him to hide, but hide no more, this time he would fight. This time he would fight until all of his enemies were destroyed.

Still smiling Gagle walked out of his lair. Turning his attention to the large land across the waterway and his smile disappeared. In its place grew an ugliness to scare anyone who would look upon the grotesque form it now took on. Gagle was staring in hatred at the land of his enemies, the Land of Ire. For the land, he espied across the waterway was where he needed to enter! The very home of the Leprechauns he sought! 

Gagle the Great wanted to waste no time in finding those he loathed so much, then with a laugh so wicked it would give rats a scurrying he jumped into the air and popped out of view.

 But this time he was met with fright. Gagle couldn’t go forward he could not enter the land of his enemies! He could go left or to his right, he could travel up, travel down, but he could not go forward. All of his efforts to gain entry into the Land of Ire were for naught! Screaming with hate and anger now building inside of him, into the air, he began sending steaks of anger in all directions. So that to all those who may have seen his anger knew not from whence it came. Humans who would see this anger would wonder where lightning in a clear blue sky had come from.
Gagle now realized that somehow they had placed the “Spell of Loc,” on him! He would not be able to enter into this land to take his revenge! As another scream left his lips. His hatred for the Queen and her court grew more rapidly almost to the point of his returning to Germania and make the Queen pay dearly for this. But not yet, not until he had the Magical Box, for now he knew its secrets.
Returning to his new lair, Gagle with spittle flying from his mouth continued screaming at the top of his lungs.
 “You will all pay for this! And my revenge shall be sweetened by the death of your friend that human, I will use his life to unlock the Spell of Loc!”


Seamus felt the shudder against the shield and called out to Bradle asking him if he too had felt the vibration. When Bradle only nodded Seamus smiled and said to him.
“It must be one of the daft Gnomes again, be geeza’s, by the way, Bradle are we obliging them so many ways that we’re not be knowing how many of these Gnomes be now in Ire?”
“Fear not Seamus,” answered a smiling Bradle. Who was now sitting quietly under a large oak tree drinking a cold stout pint of his very own famous brew, when he said, “Most of these young fella’s that t’or come’n here are mostly youngling’s. They get lost look’n at where they need to be. No wonder why they’re always head knocking on the wrong door to open the way into Ire.”
“Well might be,” replied Seamus, “but I’m for thinking we should send someone to the Queen an be ask’en her to make sure these rascals’ know the way.”
“Good idea, Seamus,” said Bradle, “I’d be go’en me ‘self but with da new brew tasting so grand I’d be thinking Paddy’s boy should be traveling, what ya say ta dat idea.” 
“Tis a grand one indeed,” answered Seamus the Mayor of Leprechauns an why not give the young lad a small cask of this glorious beverage to give to her highness, why don’t ya.”
“Not on your life Seamus, tis to fine a brew to be sending out with the lad. He may wander a bit, and arrive empty handed, could be ya know,” answered Bradle while holding the mug to his lips.


The Queen smiled at the young leprechaun now standing in front of her and said.
 “I must say my young man that’s a great deal of questions. Which, of course, all need to be answered, but before I can answer them you must return to the Lord Mayor, and give him a forewarning. Tell him that I was to send an Emissary myself on this very day, to inform him that Gagle has escaped. 
It must be he who has found that he may no longer enter the land of Ire when he vibrated the shield we have placed around the Land of Ire. As I have placed the “Spell of Loc,” on his person as well and it was cast as well upon him by my entire court. So you are not to have fear for he will not be able to enter your domain. 
Tell him as well that we have searched everywhere for him and have found him to be untraceable. Although, we have had running battles with him over the last few days, but the guard has not yet prevailed. However, it is within our means to have a forecast, a riddle if you would, to tell us of his location, if we but knew the answer to it.  
The Great Gnomes of Germania have always set a forecast upon those children borne of ours. So that we can spy their presence, but not to have a care - unless we have a need.” 
   “Then me Highest One,” said Little Paddy, “I’d be hav’en ta take me part’en so’s I can be tell’en the Mayor his ‘self of the news.” 
And with that said, all was heard was the departing “pop” of the leav’en of Little Paddy.
Alone the Queen inclined her head and her court appeared, and they began to chant the spell of Forecasting; a spell once used could never be used again, which is why it had not been used till now. The Queen felt a tingle of fear enter her mind and she shuddered to think that Gagle’s magic had no bounds.

The Forecast
That no Gnome understood!

When it was found and spoken in the darkness of night it was unheard of and gave them a wonder of how elusive their plight, and it said.
The Riddle:

It t’was the holy man of the abhall - ubhall who said to the oak bring foliage,
 And then to bring blossoms;
 To only bring forth sour fruit, 
Then turned into the sweetness like that of honey.
 And the land is forthcoming to both Ocean and Streams. 
It is upon his land that we seek, that which hides from all
One who has need to destroy the meek-
For if ever there be the magic of yore it is within that the deaths 
Cannot be ignored

The first to solve the riddle will win the Leprechauns, “Magical Box.”
The Box - that is not a Box

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