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People often ask me... I got started as a writer.
  Started falling in love and writing poetry I say, then laugh a little and ask if they have read An Argument for a Cure. Because a gift from God has made this all possible.


  For those who seek God you will find Him in the mirror, search and look very hard at the reflection you see. For those with no belief in God, that's ok - he believes in you! I can say one day when your need is greater than your stupidty you'll reach out to find Him. I say that hopefully. Before your karmic debt is greater than your soul. The part that you're blinded by ignorance and search more for a result than the peace you really seek.

For those of you who can only see a God your God. Well that's like looking into the sky and asking if there is more than one Heaven. For if there is only one heaven and only one God. So i always ask why is parting from His original ways more important to you than believing that we all seek the same God, why can people not understand that there is only one God.

...what else do you do


I love to play golf - go to the movies with my wife, I love working in the garden, getting my hands dirty with the warm earth. (Taurus) I am always planting watching it grow so that i can look at it or eat it. I like working around our home. Visiting the kids and grandkids, and being outdoors.

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